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The origin of the name TIMBRELL

It is almost impossible to be certain as to the origins of the name of Timbrell. The most likely earliest recorded mention of the word Timbrell is to be found in the Bible, here it is spelt as Timbrel. This is a reference to a tambourine like instrument. Our name is normally spelt Timbrell, but in some cases you will find our name spelt Timbrel, but there are many other different variations.

Our name could well have been taken in the thirteenth century, when a need for a way to distinguish between individuals became a requirement. This was due to the complexity of the ever growing population. Individuals needed to be identifiable for the purposes of business transactions, land dealings and censuses etc. Many people adopted their profession as a surname. Smith, Butcher, Mason etc. The adoption of the name of Timbrell, might have been a reference to someone that actually played a similar musical instrument. There is also to be found, a reference to a Timbrel cart. This was used for hauling hay and also dung. So it is equally possible, and more than likely plausible, that the name derived from someone that pulled a cart.

One of the earliest recorded records found referring to an individual named Timbrell, is that of Robert Tymbrell. This was a man who lived in Wyke Champflower in the County of Somerset. He was mentioned in Kirby's Quest in the mid 1300's during the reign of Edward III.


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These are a some of the spelling variations that you will find for Timbrell while you are searching the archives and records. So if you cannot find that elusive ancestor, try some of these variations. These variations are sometimes due to poorly transcribed records, due perhapst to the quality of the original, or perhaps due to the fact that many people years ago were illiterate and did not know how to spell their name, so the person doing the recording wrote down how they thought the sound of the name should be written.

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