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This site started out when my son found that he and his wife were expecting their first child. He started asking about my family history, my Fathers name, Grandfathers name etc. They were looking for names from the past family as possible names for the new baby. I knew very little about my family in fact, due to not having to much interest in these things when I was younger. My Father was killed in WW2, and I was brought up by my Grandparents. They passed away before I had any interest in the history of my family, and I did not have any communication with any others of the family. So, this started me researching for my roots. I soon discovered that things were not quite as easy as I first thought they might be. I thought that my Grandfather was called Wilfred, I had all ways known him as being called Wilf, but no, he was in fact called Edward George. I started to search the Internet for information and soon discovered that it was an absolute maze. I found a bit of information here, a bit of information there. But I also found that I was constantly spending time looking through records and information that was repeated over and over again. This not only took a lot of time, but was very difficult to record all of the sites and places where this information had been found and to correlate it all together. I fortunately discovered the Timbrell forum on Yahoo. This really proved to be the kick start to get things going for me. It turned out that two others were researching their side of the family, and we found that we were related to one another in the past. Through the help of each other, and of the other members of the forum, we found a lot of information on our respective sides of the family which converged around the 1700's.


So why the reason for the site if the forum worked so well. We were all researching as individuals, but by pooling our resultant information, we found our common ancestor. So the reason for this site is to gather all of the information found by each individual in one central location. There is lot of information to be found on the various forums on the Internet. But sifting and sorting it all would be quite a task. There are many lines to our family name as you may well imagine. Each person researching has information that would be possibly unknown to others. A lot of it passed down through from their elders. A lot of this information is not listed on the Internet. Things that are found in the family bible or a will perhaps. Many people have spent years of their life researching and have spent hours looking at records in local libraries and record offices etc only to find, that just by chance someone had that vital link that had eluded them for years. It is also impossible for people in another country to carry out this type of research, unless of course they employ a paid researcher. So most people rely on record sources, nowadays perhaps mainly on the Internet.

I thought that, if we could all pool our knowledge together, place it in one location, and have one point of contact, it would make it so much easier and more accurate to trace our roots, and it would also bring us all together, and as the old saying goes, many hands make light work. The site is not for me alone. I registered timbrell.me.uk for all of the people, anywhere, researching the name of Timbrell. The site needs to be fed with information from yourselves. It does have to be maintained by someone, but that is just as an administrator, not as a researcher.


If you can provide any information, suggestions, or even criticisms, please do so. This site will only be as good as you make it. Let's have a site we can all be proud of, and that will be of use to others that may one day want to learn about the history of our name and the people that it belonged to.

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