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Why people are fascinated about genealogy

Genealogy has become a subject of great interest to many people around the world, who want to know the history and origin of their ancestors. As your delightful escorts will explain you, a person without identity and who ignores their past will hardly achieve a balanced life. Let your fascinating companions tell you more about this interesting study.


Understanding your past by means of exploring your family lineage

A family tree is a graphic representation that gives you a larger picture of your history and is closely related to the study of your ancestry. As your marvelous escort Paris will explain you, this scheme helps you to situate your predecessors in relation to you so you can understand at a glance who is the father of whom, brother, uncle, etc.

You can develop this representation in a way that is more convenient for you like a table or a tree. It can be ascending, exposing the ancestors of a person, or descending, exposing all descendants.

The graphic representation of relationships between relatives can be simple or very complex as your spectacular escorts will tell you. In any case, it will help you to explain the closest and immediate relationships and gather useful information about your origin.

It is important for you to bear in mind that each person has a unique family tree. For instance, the trees of two brothers will be practically the same as the relationship with their ancestors is going to be similar.

However, as your fascinating escorts will show you, the link between them and their descendants will not be the same. This is without a doubt an intriguing detective work that helps you to solve mysteries and uncertainties about you and your family.


The role of your family history in your identity

More than a drawing, an accumulation of data or old stories, your genealogical tree and the history of your ancestors is essential for you to understand your present and the circumstances that are affecting you. For such reason, as your splendid escort Paris will inform you, psychology, psychiatry and complementary therapies deploy different techniques to discover how the familiar unconscious interacts with the personal unconscious.

That is, genealogy helps to understand how the destiny of a person is linked to the future of their ancestors or the family system from which they come.

Therefore, therapists consider that by means of knowing the family history of a person they are able to help individuals to heal and to free themselves of old and inherited ties, to become authentic persons. As your amazing escorts will tell you, everything you want to solve in the present you can do it by researching your family tree.

According to ladies from SexeModel, the family tree has a memory that is reproduced from one generation to the next until it reaches you.

Then you enter into a stage with a prewritten script where you begin to experience things that surely were lived by some of your ancestors. Therefore, as your dazzling escort Paris will tell you, an individual can be considered as the carrier of unsolved issues of their family tree.

Consequently, a family tree can be used as a tool to understand and heal the conflicts that are affecting you so you can create a new beginning.

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